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Samstag, 15. Mai 2010


Von Mellen-Thomas Benedict

In this Super Material Universe
where all is “God Stuff” & God is busy
being God in every way imaginable
& in every way unimaginable.

 Where the Dense & Subtle Light/Darkness of God
spins & plays as worlds, spirits, realms & nuclear Karma.
Remember this, Dear One,
as you begin to ascend.
The Darkest Darkness created the Lightest Light of Creation
& Light in the Material Universe will always create shadows,
Karma, cause & effect, regeneration & degeneration,
Equal opposites in co-creation
It is the Yin & Yang of things
It is the Surrender & the Force of will.
The Balance of finite order
& infinite chaos is the Key.
Being Clear is the Way
to Master the Key.
Remember this, Dear One,
Now as Ever
& Now more than Ever!
Be Clear with all things
& the Universe surrenders to you,
the Realized Self,
the Universal Shaman.
* * *

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